Black Bean Soup and Mexican Style Salad


Today’s dinner was Black Bean Soup and Mexican Salad.  Soup is what I learned at a cooking class, very easy and tasty.  I forgot to take a photo of it.



I doubt very much if they have a salad like this in Mexico but I used ingredients that I feel Mexican.  Tomato, avocado, sweet corn, kidney beans, pepper, onion, cos lettuce and coriander leaf with chicken breast.  I marinade chicken breast in garlic, lemon juice (I would have used lime juice today if we had some but we didn’t have enough) and olive oil, then used chilli mix to coat it before cooking it.  I was happy that the avocado was nice and ripe again.  I never know until I cut it open so I’m always worried if we can use avocado until I see inside, I’ve had so many bad ones here.


For the dressing I used lime juice, olive oil, salt & pepper and cumin powder but I should have used more cumin powder, it didn’t give enough flavour.  Still, it was good enough.







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