Lunch at Chopsuey Cafe

今日は、久しぶりに会うお友達たちとデンプシーの「Chopsuey Cafe」でランチをご一緒しました。Chopsuey Cafe には何年か前に(調べてみたら3年前でした)2度ほど行って好印象だったのですが、すっかりその存在を忘れていました。P.S.Cafe系列なので、生のお花が飾られています。

I had lunch at “Chopsuey Cafe” in Dempsey.  I’ve been there before a couple of times about 3 years ago and remember having a good impression but I’d completely forgotten it.  It’s a part of the P.S.Cafe group so they display beautiful fresh flowers.



Pad Thai Salad – it’s not actually Pad Thai but a salad inspired by Pad Thai.  I wasn’t able to enjoy it because it had some dried shrimps that I hate, but other than that it tasted fine, lime flavoured salad with noodles, vegetables and prawns.



I don’t know the name of these Chinese green vegetables.  I’m not a big fan of them but if you like Pak Choi you probably like this.



Stir-fried noodles and vegetables.



Honey chicken.



Mapo Tofu – doesn’t look or taste like Mapo Tofu at all…



I personally liked the noodle dish and honey chicken very much.  Pad Thai Salad was also OK if it didn’t have dried shrimps so if you like dried shrimps you may enjoy it.  As I say, it’s not Pad Thai, it’s a salad inspired by Pad Thai ingrediants.  Not a big fan of the above green vegetables but it tasted fine.  Mapo Tofu was disappointing as it was not Mapo Tofu at all but it tasted OK, it tasted very strongly of chilli sauce that comes in a jar (which isn’t very spicy).  If I think of it as a stir-fried tofu and vegetables with chilli sauce it was enjoyable enough.


We shared 2 bowls of white rice between 4 of us, had coffee/tea after the meal and it was S$160 in total (S$40 per person).  I think their portion is smaller and cooking lighter than traditional Chinese so you can order a bigger number of dishes, which is good.  They also have lots of Asian dishes rather than Chinese.

Chopsuey Cafe
#01-23, 10 Dempsey Rd
Singapore 247700

Tel: 9224 6611

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