Handmade Cards


2 friends came to make some cards today.  I say “card”, but one of them made many of these sticks of cards that you wrote names of cheese.  Very cute.


もうお1人は、すご〜く久しぶりにいらして、カードを開くとたくさんのお花が開くカードを作られました。わたしのヘルプは一切なしで、ビデオをみながらご自分で。参考にされたビデオは、こちらです→ https://cv-insight.com/facebook/video_ranking/10761623

The other friend made a Happy Mother’s Day card that when you open many flowers open up inside.  She made this all on her own looking at this video https://cv-insight.com/facebook/video_ranking/10761623






Both of them finished them in a couple of hours.






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