Lunch at Janice Wong

ちょっとお久しぶり、なお友達とさくっとランチをご一緒しました。2、3週間前に予定していたのですが場所を決めないままふと気づくとすぐそこに迫っていたのに気づき、土曜の夜遅く急遽予約を入れたのは、ナショナルミュージアムの Janice Wong 。半年ほど前に1度行って、今回2度目。最近は、ネット予約出来るところについつい予約を入れてしまいます。

I had a quick lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a little while.  We’d made the arrangement a few weeks ago but hadn’t decided where to go until a couple of days ago – I had to make a quick decision and made a booking at Janice Wong at the National Museum.  I’d been there once about 6 months ago so it was the 2nd time for me.


We both had their set lunch but ordered different items.


My friend had chicken dumplings.  Looks lovely.  I didn’t ask her what it was like but she didn’t say anything so I guess it was just OK.




I had Xiao Long Bao (fennel pork).  The skin was nice and thin and there was a lot of soup inside and it was very good.




My friend had Basil Spinach Noodles with prawns and sakura ebi.  She said it was only so-so.



I had Mince Pork Barley Noodles.  It was, I thought, similar to Spicy Noodles I have in Din Tai Fung; I liked it.



デザートは、2人共ティラミス。前回チョコレートの方にしたらわたしには甘すぎたので。こちらは軽めで美味しかったですが、こんなに量がなくても良いのにと思います。個人的には、もう少し前菜の量を増やしてデザートは少なめで良いので Janice Wong らしい綺麗なデザート(サプリメントを払えばしてもらえるのですが)にしてもらえると嬉しいのにと思います。

To finish we both had Tiramisu.  Last time I had chocolate dessert here, it was much too sweet for me, but this was light.  However it comes in a very large portion.  Personally I prefer to have a bigger portion of starter and less dessert, but I suppose it’s just me.  I would also like to have dessert that shows “Janice Wong” without paying a supplement.




My impression was better this time than the last time, the main noodles was better this time, or to my taste anyway.  I must say they are presented beautifully but taste very much like what you get in Din Tai Fung, so the question is if you’d like to pay double for the same sort of food.  Of course the decor is nicer than Din Tai Fung, but I’m not so crazy about their decor and the space; I don’t feel very comfortable there somehow.  We shared a small bottle of sparkling water and this set came with tea or coffee and the bill was about S$45.

Janice Wong
National Museum
93 Stamford Rd
01-06, Singapore 178897

Tel: 9712 5338

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