Jamie’s Peperonata


I had another health scare since yesterday afternoon and had been feeling very weak – I tend to get that.  I saw a specialist and there was nothing to worry about. Phew!  Then suddenly I felt very hungry.  To celebrate it, we had a little white wine with the dinner.


Tonight’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Pasta Peperonata.  It takes a while to make it but I think it’s one of those “no fail” type of pasta because the sweetness of peppers and onions will make it tasty without fail (unless you don’t like sweet food).  I feel it might be a little monotonous and too sweet so I will probably add some mini tomatoes at the end and let it cook just to warm it up because the acidity and the freshness of the tomatoes will add another dimension.


Apart from Aglio Olio, I tend to like more “saucy” sauces, but I think this type of sauce works well when it’s very hot as it seems lighter.  I know I’ve been repeating myself, but it really is hot.  I’ve been wanting to eat spicy Thai food since I got back but Thai food is quite high calories…I cannot help eating a mountain of rice with spicy Thai food.  Still, I’ll probably cook Thai soon…







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