Jool’s Favourite Stew

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、ジェイミーオリバーの「Jool’s Favaourite Stew」。ジェイミーオリバーの奥さんが大好きなシチューだそうです。ヨルサレムアーティチョークは手に入らないので使っていませんが、人参、じゃがいも(新じゃが)、パースニップがたくさん入ったビーフシチューです。

Dinner my husband cooked tonight was “Jool’s Favourite Stew“,  We cannot get Jerusalem artichokes but even without them there is plenty of  vegetables.


Both my husband and I love slow-cooked beef dishes but we don’t crave for them in Singapore because it’s so hot here all year around and also we try to minimise the amount of meat that’s for slow-cooking as they are not supposed to be good for you, so we hadn’t had Beef Stew for quite a while.











  • わたしたちはスネ肉を使うのですが、そのせいかかなり縮んでしまうので、レシピの分量だと少なめの量のように感じます。わたしはお野菜中心で良いのでギリギリオーケーな量ですが、しっかりお肉を召し上がりたい方は多めに使われる方が良いかと思います。
  • お野菜の量はお肉の量とは反対に多すぎると思うので、レシピの3ぶんの1から半量くらいで十分だと思います。
  • 水分が少なすぎると思うので、ワインとストックをお鍋にもよりますが倍量くらいに増やす方が良いと思います。レシピの量だとカラカラになってしまう感じです。
  • お野菜は煮込みすぎて崩れすぎる傾向にあるので、特にパースニップは少し後から加える方が良いと思います。じゃがいもは崩れにくいタイプがお勧めです。パースニップがなければ、なくても美味しいと思います。



The recipe seems to have some problem, at least when we cook it, so we adjusted it to suit us better.  I think it’s good without herbs if you don’t have them.

  • I guess it depends on which cut of beef you used, but we use shin of beef and it shrinks a lot, so the amount in the recipe for beef doesn’t seem enough.  It was just about an OK amount, because I don’t eat a lot of meat and tend to eat more vegetables, but if you like beef you probably should use a larger amount.
  • On the other hand, I think the amount of vegetables is too much.  I do love vegetables but I cannot eat as much as in the recipe and we end up throwing away a lot.  I would say a half or 1/3 is plenty.
  • We find the amount of wine/stock too little and it will very dry by the time the beef is tender.  We add almost double of the quantity of liquid.
  • Vegetables, specially parsnips, get overcooked by the time the beef is tender.  If you use waxy potatoes you can add from the beginning but I think it’s better to add parsnips 30 minutes or so later.

The mixture of lemon rind, rosemary and garlic sprinkled on at the end makes the overall dish lighter and adds so much, I recommend not to omit it.

It was really good, we enjoyed it very much!







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