Chicken In Vinegar


Today’s dinner was “Chicken in Vinegar”.  I use a recipe from a Japanese blogger’s but it’s similar to this recipe although it’s different here and there. The recipe I use call for tarragon vinegar but I use ordinary vinegar and add some fresh tarragon – I like fresh herbs.  With the acidity of vinegar and wine, it’s not too heavy, even though there is some cream added as well.  I like it with rice.


The recipe says simmer chicken for 45 minutes but the chicken thigh we get here gets cooked and become tender in 15 minutes.  There is too much liquid when you cook it only for 15 minutes so after taking the chicken out I reduce it down.


I served it with carrots cooked in boiling water and green beans with garlic.  We enjoyed it as always.









The bouquet I made at a flower class on Friday is still looking lovely.  I cut of lots of stems with buds and some of them were slightly open, so I put them in a small glass.  The petals seem to be getting longer and opening more.  So cute!



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