Thai Style Chicken In Coconut Milk & Thai Herbs


Today’s dinner was Chicken & Vegetables cooked in Coconut Milk & Thai Herbs – sort of my creation.  I had this chicken dish in a pub when we stayed with our friends in England in June last year and it was so good I wanted to try to recreate it.  I used lots of lemon grass and kafier lime leaves, some coriander leaves, coconut milk, chicken stock, brown sugar, fish sauce and lime juice at the end.  Vegetables used are Japanese pumpkin (kabocha), broccoli and tomato that were left in our fridge.


The result was just so-so.  It needed more oomph, we thought.  After we finished I remembered that I’d forgotten to use garlic and ginger that is often used in Thai cooking.  It’s too long ago to remember the actual taste but I have a feeling it had fresh ginger as an accent.  It also needed more seasoning, so I will marinade the chicken in fish sauce and ginger next time and add some thinly sliced ginger in the sauce.  It also should have been more spicy so I will try adding more fresh chilli.





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