Vegetable Pie

今日の夕食は、夫担当。夫のレパートリーでベジタリアンのものはほとんどなく、パスタは先日作ったし。。。と、日本にいた頃に時々作ってくれていた野菜のパイを作る、ということになりました。香港でも作っていたかどうか思い出せず、シンガポールに来てからは一度も作っていないはず。。。ということで、この本だと思っていた本にはそのレシピは見つからず、もしかするとこれかな、とGood Housekeeping の料理本にあったものを作ることにしたようですが、どうも違うレシピです、この暑いシンガポールでパイ生地を作るのは心配でしたが、ほかに良い案も思いつかず、不安いっぱい(笑)。2人だけなら良いですが、家族とはいえ一応お客さんが一緒なので、心配で、アシスタントにつきました(笑)。

My husband cooked tonight’s dinner.  He doesn’t have much repertoire of vegetarian dishes and we could only think of a vegetable pie he used to make years ago in Japan so he decided to make that, but we couldn’t find the recipe.  We were both very sure which book it was from but we couldn’t find it in the book, so he tried a recipe in a Good Housekeeping cookery book.  I was very worried if it would come out good because making pastry in this hot climate seems risky, but I couldn’t suggest any other recipe either, so I invited myself to be an assistant to him to give him a hand here and there.  I wouldn’t have been so worried if it were just for the two of us, but with our nephew and his girlfriend it would have been awful if it came out badly, but it did turn out good.








The filling was potato, parsnip, red pepper, leek & courgette in a slightly cheesy roux.







He made the pie dough and rolled it out without problem and it came out nice.  It was quite different from the one he used to make – it didn’t have sauce and it was more herby – but it tasted good.



We had some cheese, then fruits, then watched an old film “Billy Elliot” together.







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