Girls Night Out – D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar

1年ほど前に本帰国されているお友達が来星されたので、共通のお友達とワイワイとディナーをご一緒しました。場所は、D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar。

A friend, who left for Japan a year ago, is visiting Singapore so a group of friends got together for dinner at D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar.


First, cheers with Prosecco – it was still Happy Hour.



Mozzarella Ball (Fried and stuffed with Parma ham, sun-dried tomato and basil).




Make Your Own の前菜。トリュフペーストをのせたブラタチーズ、パルマハム、ロケットサラダ。テーブルが一杯で良い角度から撮れず、なんとも変な画像ですが(笑)。上から撮れると良かったのですけどね。

Make Your Own – Truffled Burrata, Parma Ham & Rocket Salad.  The table was very full and it was hard to take a photo from better angle.  I would have liked to take it from higher position diagonally but this was the best I could manage.





Handmade Pasta (Scialatielli) in cheese bowl with bacon and zucchini.  Bacon wasn’t gamy at all, pasta had a lovely chewy texture and the sauce wasn’t too heavy and tasty.  Very nice.


US リブアイステーキ(300g)。これもカリッと香ばしく焼けていて中はジューシーで、とても美味しかったです。

US Rib-Eye Steak (300g).  Charred outside, juicy inside, very nice.









Each portion is very large here so it’s more of a place for a group than just a couple, I feel you want at least 3 people, 4 if possible, to share the dishes to be able to eat a few different items.  It was very good, though, so I would like to go back with my husband.


After Prosecco, we had another glass of white wine each and the bill was S$56 each – so inexpensive.  It was still a happy hour when we ordered the 2nd wine, so that reduced the bill a little but even without it it wouldn’t have been expensive.  Great place for a group.



The friend who left for Japan a year ago looked just the same, it was lovely to see her.  It was also great to see other friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for a while.  It was a lovely evening!



D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar
60 Robertson Quay
#01-04A, The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Tel: +65 69080830






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