Pancake Cannelloni With A Friend

今日は土曜日なので、夫が夕食を作ってくれました。パンケーキ・カネロニという夫の得意料理です。お友達がいらしていて今日は夕食は家でご一緒出来たので、作り慣れているものを作ってくれました。Delia Smith のレシピですがネットでは見つからず。ミートソースを日本でいうクレープで包んだものをグラダン皿に並べ、上からベシャメルソースをかけてオーブンで焼いたもので、パスタのカネロニの代わりにクレープを使ったものです。ラザニアのようなものですね。パスタよりも柔らかいクレープなので舌触りが柔らかくて、パスタとはまた違った美味しさがあると思います。お友達にも美味しいと褒めていただいて、とても嬉しそうでした。

As it’s a Saturday, my husband cooked dinner.  Since my friend is with us, he chose a recipe that he made millionS of times – Delia Smith’s Pancake Cannelloni.  I cannot find the recipe online but he’s been using this recipe for many many years.  Basically you make pancake (English style – what we Japanese would call “crepe”) and use it like Cannelloni pasta.  You fill each pancake with ragu, line them up in a baking dish, cover it with Bechamel sauce and bake it in the oven until it’s nice and brown.  Very similar to Lasagne.  Personally I love the texture of this because pancake is much softer than pasta and seems to make it particularly smooth and tender.  My husband was very happy to hear my friend say it’s delicious.





With lovely bottle of red wine that my friend gave us as a part of her present to us.




After this, we had cheese & Muscat grapes (again from this friend), then some fresh raspberries.


After dinner, my husband went out on the balcony and enjoyed his Scotch whisky and a cigar that he occasionally smokes and my friend and I finished off the Christmas cards we started making before dinner.  We both completed 4 cards.

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  1. I hadn’t come across this dish until reading your post. It might be a bit fiddly to prepare first time around, but I’m intrigued enough to try it out.

    Loving your blog as always ☺️

    1. Noodle says:

      Yes, it’s quite a lot of work as you have to make 2 sauces and pancakes, but my husband doens’t seem to mind, it’s one of the things he can make without thinking much for him. As I wrote I do like the texture of this as well as the taste. Imagine Lasagne but more melting texture. This recipe uses pancetta (we use bacon normally as it’s more easily available) in the ragu, which I think adds a little extra to usual ragu.

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