Chinese Tea Gathering


I attended Cheese Appreciation Class this morning but I left my camera there so I cannot blog what we had, it’ll have to wait for a few days.


In the afternoon I joined a Chinese Tea gathering hosted as the host kindly invited me.  I have been invited a couple of times before and always have a great time.  I cannot remember how many kinds of Chinese tea we had today.  We started with a few Black Chinese Tea, then had many other tea including a very rare “Single Grove”, very special type of Pouchongand also very expensive Rock Tea.  I guess we had at least 10 different kinds of Chinese tea.  One of the people who joined the gathering brought some homemade sweets, which were delicious.

上記のようにカメラを持っていなかったので何枚か iPhone で撮りましたが使えない写真ばかり。でも、やはり記録に残しておきたいので、アップしておきます。

As I said, I didn’t have my SLR camera with me so I took some photos with my iPhone, but they look pretty bad.  However, I do still want to have a record of this gathering so I’m going to upload a few.




Mousse with a few kinds of fruits.  So good.



I have taken classes on Chinese Tea in Hong Kong but only a couple of short courses and it was more than 10 years ago, so I have no confidence to make tea in front of people, but I’m very happy to host the gathering next time.

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