I asked my husband to choose between 2 dinners and he chose Okonomi-yaki without hesitation, so today’s dinner was Okonomi-yaki.  As always, we have Issen-yaki first (sort of savory Japanese pancake, which is very crispy), then Okonomi-yaki (I use bacon instead of pork belly as pork belly here is often too gamy for me).  The sauce is a mixture of ketchup, Japanese mayonnaise and Tonkatsu-sauce.  I sprinkle on some dried chilli powder.  No bonito, no seaweed so it looks like something is missing.


Looking back on my blog, we hadn’t had this since the end of August.  I thought we hadn’t had it for a little while but 4 months??  Wow!



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  1. Gemma says:

    Do you have a recipe you prefer to use?

  2. Noodle says:

    I’m afraid I don’t follow any recipe, being Japanese I sort of know roughly what texture it should have. Basically, for the batter, I mix vegetable stock powder with hot water (you are supposed to use Dashi, which is fish stock, but you can also use chicken stock), then add ice to cool it down, then add a couple of eggs and then flour. I add more flour if it’s not thick enough and add a little water if it becomes to thick. I like it quite light so I don’t make it so thick – it’s a consistancy. you can pour rather than drop. That’s the batter. Then you need shredded or minced cabbage, egg, tenkasu (deep-fried batter you can buy in an Asian store), green oinon and pickled red ginger (that yo can also buy in an Asian store). The secret of good one is not to over mix. You pour some of the batter over a large handful of cabbage, add the rest of the ingrediants, mix it lightly, it doens’t matter if it’s not completely mixed, it’s OK if you see egg yolk here and there. Then you spread it on a frying pan (we use a special teppanyaki gadget) after putting a little oil, put some thinly sliced pork belly (or bacon in my case), cook it on medium-low heat until the bottom is nicely brown, then flip it and make a few holes (just stab it with a knife here and there) so the seam goes out. Cook it until done then put the sauce mix on as written above. Hope this helps.

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