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We made pizza for dinner today; it was in July last time when we made them.  My husband has been asking me to make Pizza but I keep forgetting to prepare the dough, which needs overnight to prove in the fridge.  Last night I finally remembered it late at night so I decided to make the dough, then realised we didn’t have the right flour.  The recipe I got from a friend uses Extra Strong Flour but we only had ordinary Strong Flour.  I initially decided to put it off until we get the right flour but then changed my mind and decided to try it with what we have.  I thought it cannot be bad since it’s still strong flour for bread.  I noticed the difference when I was kneading it last night, it behaved quite differently so I had some worry.  Then today when I was making the pizza it kept bouncing back when I tried to stretch it even though I had let it rest for 2 hours.  So the pizza is quite small.


I made 2 pizza of tomato, mozzarella and basil and 1 with sauteed onion and blue cheese (Blue Shropshire).  I usually put some nuts on a blue cheese pizza but forgot today.


The result is that the size was smaller and the texture was harder, the part that has gone very brown was quite crunchy and reminded me of some hard type bread – not unpleasant, just different.  I thought it tasted better actually – I was able to taste the flour more probably becuase the flour is organic.  The only problem is it was hard to stretch and it didn’t expand much during the baking so the pizzas were small.  The dough is originally for 2 pizza but I use it for 3 so we can have 2 basic and 1 white pizza, but it’s probably better if I make just 2 if using this flour.


Although it was different from before, it was still much nicer than any delivery pizza we can have.  I’m glad I tried it.







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