Minetrone Soup, Onion Omelette & Radichio Salad


Today’s dinner was Minestrone Soup, Onion Omelette and Radichio Salad – Omelette and Radichio Salad was what my friend served us for lunch in Tokyo.  Minestrone was very good – garlic, onion, celery, carrot, cabbage & just 1 small potato today.  I added some Miso for extra depth of flavour as I often do.





オムレツとサラダは少し前に一度作っていて(どちらもパンツェッタ 貴久子さんの料理本に載っているレシピです)、そのときオムレツは大失敗し今日再挑戦したのですが、前回より少しましとはいえ今回も失敗です、お友達が作られたみたいに綺麗な形になりません。油の温度と卵を入れてからどれくらいになるまで混ぜるか、そして火加減の塩梅だと思いますが、しっかり固まる前に外側が焦げそうになってしまうので、油の温度が高すぎるか混ぜ方が足りないか。。。お友達は簡単とおっしゃるのですけど、不器用なわたしにはなかなかうまく出来ません。色も形もダメです(涙)。なぜ、周りがこんなにぴろぴろしてるんでしょう(笑)。もしかすると、玉ねぎの量が多すぎるのかも?

I made the omelette and the salad once before (they are both in a cookery book of a Japanese lady, whose husband is Italian) and I failed to make the omelette well; sadly I made another failure today.  It was better than the first time but the shape still isn’t very good and it wasn’t firm enough.  I guess it’s to do with the temperature of the oil, the strength of the heat and how much I mix it up before letting it set.  Or, maybe I have too much onion??  My friend told me it was easy to make – but it certainly isn’t for me!  Why is it such a bad shape?




For the salad, I didn’t use chicken today, just Radicchio, Parmesan cheese, sultanas & pine nuts.  This was good.  In the book, she uses orange as well, which sounds good.







So it was a meatless dinner today.  I try to make one or two dinners a week without much meat, but I have a feeling we had quite a lot of meat so far this week.







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  1. Hunida says:

    The bowl you used for the minestrone soup is so pretty & I don’t care about the shape of that omelette, it still looks delicious to me!

    1. Noodle says:

      Thank you for your kind comment! The bowls I used for the soup was from Marakkech. I like them very much, too, but we couldn’t buy a lot as they are heavy, I wish I bought plates as well. I don’t have a lot of dishes that go with them, so don’t have many opportunities to use them.

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