Scoop Wholefoods / New Australian Health Food Store

タングリンモールに「Scoop Wholefoods」というオーストラリアのヘルスフードのお店がオープンしたので、少し覗いてみました。たくさんのお茶、粉類、グラノーラ類、ベーキング用のミックス、スパイス、塩、砂糖、チョコレート、オイルなど色々なものが量り売りされていて、栗の粉までありました。容器に使うガラスのビン類も数種類の大きさが置かれていましたし、用意されている使い捨ての紙バッグに入れても良いようで、各自で欲しいものを欲しいだけとってレジで量って支払うというシステムのようでした。結構みていて楽しかったですし、欲しいものもあったのですが、今日オープンだったので混んでいてレジにとても並んでいたのでまた日を改めて買いに行こうと思います。

A new Australian Health Food Store “Scoop Wholefoods” opened in Tanglin Mall, so we had a little look.  They have a lot of kinds of tea, flour, granola, baking mix, spices, salt, sugar, chocolate, oil etc.  I even found Chestnut Flour.  You can either buy their glass container or use the paper bags they provide.  You just scoop up the amount you want of whatever you want and pay for that amount at the cashier.  It was quite fun to see what sort of things they have and I would have bought some but there was a long queue at the cashier


Apparently they control the temperature of the store (it was quite cold), so I guess things are kept fresh for a while, but I do worry how long they would be fresh.  When I buy a bag of almonds, for example, there are almost always some rancid ones included.  I wonder if many Singaporeans would buy these things as they don’t in general cook so much at home and when they do I imagine they would cook some oriental food rather than western food.  There are many items that I feel not many people would use, so even when the temperature is controlled, when they are not completely sealed, do they last in good condition for months?  Right now everything is fresh so I wouldn’t worry but I would be worrying in 6 months, for example.

Singaporeans tend to get bored with new things quickly and move to the next new thing in a short period of time, and I don’t think a shop can survive just with expats.  I hope many people will continue going there and it’ll survive as it seems like a great store.




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