French Baking With Friends


The friend who just published the baking book that I mentioned in my last post asked me if I wanted to bake some cakes with her while she was visiting Singapore from Chicago, so I asked 3 mutual friends to join and the four of us did some baking today with her.



It was very hard to decide which cake to bake but in the end I chose Saint-Honore.  It’s a cake I didn’t know about until I took a lesson with her years ago, but apparently it’s quite popular in France.  When you search online you see a lot of different styles of Saint-Honore but the teacher told us this one is the most typical.  On top of a round pie base, there is a layer of chuox, then small round chuox filled with cream chibouste and covered with caramel around the circle.  In the middle there is a layer of creme chibouste then whipped cream.  The way it’s decorated with whipped cream is also characteristic.  Round choux didn’t come out in nice round shapes because the fan of our oven is too strong.

So, you make pie base, make cream chibousete (custard cream with Italian merangue), make chuox dough and bake it, fill chuox with cream chibousete, make caramel, cover chuox with caramel, build all together, whip cream and decorate it.  So many processes to make this cake.  Phew!




The other “easier” one we baked was Daquoise.  Although this is originally French, this style is made only in Japan.  This one is flavoured with strawberries.  You will find the recipe in the recipe book I mentioned in the previous post.



When you take a lesson with her, the kitchen is nice and large and has a good space for working, and the teacher will have prepared all the tools for you.  However, we baked in my kitchen today, which doesn’t have a lot of working table area.  I also don’t have the right tools for baking.  It took us to longer than usual to do things for these reasons and it was, I’m sure, extra work for the teacher, but I had fun baking with my friends.  My husband came home a little early today from his business trip and found the Dacquoise so we had them already – so good!  We are looking forward to have Saint-Honore after dinner.


I realised this time that you need such a lot of tools for baking.  You need multiple number of different sizes of pans and bowls, for example.  We don’t have that many and we don’t have the right type of bowls, for example – for baking bowls with flat bottom is better.  Maybe I should get bowls with flat bottoms…

(追記 サントノーレ、最高に美味しかったです!

(Sant-Honore was utterly delicious!)

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