NamNam / Vietnamese

今日は、シンガポールはハリラヤという祭日でお休み。なので、夫とさくっと Wheelock のNamNamでランチをしました。しばらくリノベーションでクローズしていましたが、オープンしてから初めて。セルフピックアップのシステムに変わっていました。人件費削減なのでしょう。


It’s a public holiday here (Hariraya) in Singapore, so we went to have lunch at NamNam at Wheelock.  It has been closed for renovation for a while and this was our first time after reopening, they’d changed their system to self-pickup, I guess to reduce the cost of staff.

We had spicy dry noodle with mince pork.  It didn’t used to be but it became very spicy some years ago.  Sandwiches are Lemon grass pork & cream cheese (but asked for without cream cheese).  Also Imperial Spring Rolls.  We shared them all and had a glass of lime soda each.  Very good.



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