Tea And Crumpets


It’s been a week since we arrived in England, it feels longer but it’s always that way in the beginning.


Today is the first day not to have any agenda so I slept late. We then went to Southampton, which is about 30 minutes away by car, for shopping. It was grey all day today.

John Lewis というデパートのカフェでサンドイッチの軽いランチをしてから新しいテレビをオーダーして、ぐるっとソファーなどの家具を見て、洋服もさらっと見て帰ってきました。

First we had a light lunch of sandwiches at the cafe in John Lewis, bought a new TV, looked at furniture like sofas, then had a quick look at my clothes then headed back to the cottage.


Christmas is coming near, Black Friday is next week, and it’s a Saturday so it was pretty busy. We also don’t know the layout of the cafe (it’s large and a bit difficult to work out where the tills are, etc) and the layout of the department store so I felt tired quite quickly.


After getting back we sorted out the washing, did some ironing, and it was tea time. We bought crumpets yesterday so we had that with tea. Strawberry jam is more standard but I prefer blueberry preserves.

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