Pallant of Arundel (Wine & Deli)

今日は、朝は少しゆっくりし、家での軽いランチのあとお気に入りの街、Arundel にあるワインやチーズやその他ちょっと特別なものをいろいろ置いているお店「Pallant of Arundel」に行ってきました。以前もアップしましたが、Arundel はこじんまりしていますが、お城があり街並も素敵。まだゆっくり散策する時間がないので、時間ができ次第ゆっくりと見て歩きたいと思っています。

Today, we had a relatively slow morning, had a light lunch at home, then went out to Arundel, which is our favourite town nearby. They have a store called “Pallant of Arundel”, where you can get wine, cheese and other specialities. I’ve blogged about Arundel before, it’s a small town but has a castle on the hill and the streets look very attractive. We haven’t had time to be able to explore the town yet, I cannot wait to do that with my husband as soon as we have time.


Pallant of Arundel had a lot of delicious looking things. Unlike Singapore and Hong Kong, you don’t find a lot of specialities in ordinary supermarkets so you need to go to this sort of place if you want something special. For example, cheese selection is quite poor in supermarkets. We, Japanese, sort of expect to see much better selections because England is close to Europe but it isn’t the case, you get much better selections in Singapore and Hong Kong.


I don’t think the selection of cheese, for example, in this store is very large, but they have all sort of special things like cured meat, handmade pies, lots of sweets, it was fun to see them. We went there to get some presents for our friends today so we didn’t buy a lot for ourselves, but I have a feeling we’ll be going there often.

Pallant of Arundel
17 High Street
Arundel BN18 9AD

Tel: 01903 882288


Today’s agenda was to wash beddings we used in the cottage (to give them back to our friends) in a laundrette in the morning, then go to this shop above, then write Christmas cards before cooking dinner. We’ve been saying we must do the Christmas cards for more than 2 weeks, but we have been having so much to do, we hadn’t managed it. We did finally do that today, but there are only 10 days before Christmas, there is no way they’ll make it in time for Christmas overseas. I hope our friends will forgive us this year for being so late.

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