Books From Japan


I ordered some books on Amazon for the first time since we started living in the UK.  In Hong Kong and Singapore, I used to order on Amazon very often except the last few years in Singapore because I run out of space to keep them.  When we moved to the UK I got rid of so many books feeling very sad and I don’t know if all that we brought have space here or not until our garage is converted into a Study/Craft room, so I don’t want to order too many, but I wanted some books on Paris and Vienna that we will be going to soon.  I ordered some cookery books at the same time.  The delivery fee is of course shockingly high, but it’s still so convenient that they arrive in 5 days or so after ordering.




I was chatting (on a chat application) with a Japanese friend today about how easy to get Japanese things in Singapore at reasonable cost.  Of course I knew this and it’s not a surprise at all, but I’m feeling how expensive Japanese things are here and how hard it is to get them.  There were many Japanese things that I was able to get in any supermarket in Singapore but now I have to make a special order from a shop in London.  I can get things from Muji and Uniqlo in London and the delivery fee can be free if the order is more than certain amount but the prices of their items are so expensive (and their value in Japan is that they are inexpensive for what they are).  Eating out and most food items are much less expensive than in Singapore but Japanese items are a lot more.  Also, in Japan, there are such a large variety of storage things and other things to make your life more convenient and I used to be able to get them easily enough asking my sister to send, but it’s so much further away here so shipping cost so much.  I’m trying to find equivalent here but there are many things that aren’t available.   For example, I’ve been trying to find some disinfectant alcohol that many Japanese use, it’s safe to use even on food, but I cannot find anything equavallent here yet.  I don’t know if such a thing exist because probably not many people here would be conscious about germs in every day life.  I have a feeling you aren’t allowed to send such liquid in a parcel.  There are many things that I love here so I guess I just have to give up some things that I cannot get here.

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