Nutty Sesame Chicken (with Mangetout, Peanuts and Noodles)

今日は午前中にいつもの Hello Fresh の配達や他にいくつか配達があり、3時ごろまで主寝室の壁のパネリングの仕上げの作業があり、夫は明日新しいバスタブやトイレなどが来るのでその場所を空けるためにガレージに置いていたたくさんの段ボールを車で捨てに行き、わたしは月曜日はシーツの取り換えの日なのでシーツにアイロンを当てたりしているうちに夕食の時間になりました。特に何もしていないのに、1日経つのが早いです。

We had Hello Fresh and some other deliveries today so we needed to stay in.  Until about 3.00pm, the carpenter was finishing off the panelling of the master bedroom.  My husband cleared up some of the cardboard boxes from the garage to make some space for a new bath, a new toilet etc that will be delivered tomorrow.  I ironed beddings.  Then it was time for dinner.  A day seems to go so fast.

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh のNutty Sesame Chicken (with Mangetout, Peanuts and Noodles)」(ナッツとセサミ風味のチキン、絹さや入りピーナッツ風味の麺)、でした。材料は、青ネギ、生姜、ニンニク、フレッシュチリ、たまご麺、醤油、はちみつ、ゴマ、チキンのモモ肉、絹さや、シャンツァイ、ピーナッツ。

Today’s dinner was “Nutty Sesame Chicken (with Mangetout, Peanuts and Noodles) from Hello Fresh.  The ingredients are spring onion, ginger, garlic, fresh chilli, egg noodle, soy sauce, honey, sesame, chicken thigh, mangetout, fresh coriander & peanuts.


It was quite gingery.  I thought it looked too much ginger but it was OK.  Very simply seasoned (basically just soy sauce and honey) but quite good.  It says spicy but it wasn’t.  We used a whole chilli instead of a half that the recipe says but it still had hardly any heat, we should have kept the seeds but you just never know how spicy a chilli is.  I should have laid the table with chop sticks, but by some reason I laid forks.  The bowls we bought the other day have been very useful.






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