Avocado Toast

今日のランチ、アボカドトースト。今日はアボカドはざっくり潰してみました。パンは M&Sのチャバタロール。厚みを半分に切ってグリルしてカリカリに。美味しかったです!

Today’s lunch, Avocado Toast. We lightly crushed avocado today. Some tomato and pine nuts and coriander on top. The bread is Ciabatta roll from M&S. We halved the thickness and grilled until crispy. Yum!


After lunch we went to a supermarket to do some food shopping. There were even fewer items than a few days ago. I guess people are going to supermarket less often now, it looked very quiet. No eggs, no Ciabatta bread…I wonder how long it would be before the shelves will be back to normal.

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