Japanese Dinner


Today’s dinner was Japanese for a change, I don’t cook Japanese often.  A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine posted on her facebook this dish of marinaded pork, it’s thinly sliced pork marinaded in miso, mirin, sake, and garlic, and I wanted to try the recipe when we got pork from a butcher.  I had marinaded 2 slices of pork loin and frozen them  a week or so ago, and used them today.  I also served Edamame, Miso Soup with lots of vegetables inside and Prawn Tempura.  In December our neighbour invited us for a drinks party and served some crispy prawns that I loved, she told me they were from Sainsbury’s. I thought I had found them online and ordered them but I have a feeling these aren’t the same, they weren’t as good.  I was going to cook Gyoza that I bought online from London sometime ago and has been in the freezer but just as I was going to cook it I realised we don’t have sesame oil so we decided not to use them today.  Perhaps it was good we didn’t as we were full with what we had.


Pork tasted very good and very tender, but the pork I used was much thicker than what you would get in Japan, that’s probably why it could have had more seasoning to enjoy with rice.  I should probably use more miso next time unless the butcher would slice it thinner.




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