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Sometime before the lockdown, when I saw “Plain Flour” in a supermarket, I thought ” We should buy a bag of this… but I won’t be baking for a little while so I’ll buy one later.”, then the lockdown happened and I wasn’t able to get hold of one for a long time.  A few weeks ago, I was finally able to get one from a supermarket (click & collect) like a miracle, but before and after that week it’s either out of stock, or even when it looks available online we get a notice just before a pickup date that it’s gone out of stock, so we only have a bag of plain flour (and some has already been used).  Fortunately, I did buy 2 bags of strong flour for bread in a farm shop that I bought because it was from a small local mill rather than a supermarket stuff.  I have bought a couple of bags of 00 flour, which is supposed to be for pasta making but I think we can use it for baking as well.

シンガポールでお菓子のお教室をされていたときに通っていたお菓子教室をされているお友達がお菓子の本「私が教室で伝えたいレシピ」(The recipes I love to teach) (藤川温子)を出版されてから1年になるそうです。その記念に本の中のお菓子を作ってアップしてほしい(以前作ったものでもオーケー)とのことなので、一番簡単そうなラズベリーのフィナンシェを焼きました。プレインフラワーはパンにも使うので、あまりたくさん使えませんが、このフィナンシェはアーモンドパウダーも入るので小麦粉は少なめですし、習ったお菓子のなかでは簡単な方ですし、フィナンシェは大好きなので選びました。久しぶりなので、何もかも不安。なんとか焼けましたが、ちょっと焼きすぎちゃったみたいです。それでも、外側はカリッとしていて、ちょっとむにゅっとして、中は柔らかくて、アーモンドパウダーと焦がしバターが香ばしくてとても美味しいです。

A friend who used to run a French baking class in Singapore where I used to take lessons published a recipe book “The recipes I love to teach” (Haruko Fujikawa), which is bilingual (English and Japanese) a year ago and she is asking people who have bought the book to post online a cake that they have baked – so here it is.  I baked raspberry finaicier – not only because I love these but also because they are easy and they don’t use a lot of plain flour as you use almond powder as well.  I felt quite intimidated because I hadn’t baked cakes for a long time. They did come out delicious, although I think I slightly over-baked them.  Outside is crispy but slightly chewy and inside is very moist, almond powder and burned butter give lovely nutty flavour.







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