Antipasti Dinner


Today’s dinner was something like Italian Antipasti, light but satisfying.  We bought a pork pie that my husband loves and he had a half of it the other day but there was still a half left and it needed to be eaten. We also had opened pack of Parma Ham and salami and also Buffalo Mozzarella that needed to be eaten.  As it’s not easy to do food shopping when we want to, we tend to buy things that have relatively long shelf-life and end up trying to eat them before they go off rather than having what we feel like having these days.


Of course we had it with the bread we baked today.  The crumb was lovely and moist and a little chewy in a good way and the crust was crunchy but not too crunchy, it was really good.  It’s good to have it like this but it is I think the best when it’s toasted and made into Bruschetta because it’s a simple bread made from flour, water, yeast & salt only.


2 kinds of salami, Parma Ham, Buffalo Mozzarella, tomato & basil (Caprese), rocket leaves, another tomato, Red Pepper Dip (store bought).









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