Home Baked Bread – Finally A Success!


After the Zoom baking lesson with our friend, Letizia in Italy, we have baked the simple bread that we learned a few times but without much success.  Before that, the bread we were baking in our bread machine had stopped raising, too.  We had just changed one of the flours and also the temperature had just changed with the weather so we tried a few things like changing the ratio of the flour, using cold water, reducing the water amount but nothing made any change.  In the end we found out that the dry yeast we were using had gone off and stopped working.  I expected it to gradually work less and less, but that wasn’t the case, it stopped working properly one day all of a sudden.  In Singapore and Hong Kong I always kept yeast in the freezer because of the climate but I thought it wasn’t necessary here and kept it at room temperature.  Apparently it stops working after a month or so after being opened.


So this time we used the new yeast and the bread turned out great!  It’s not round like it should be but other than that I think this was the best that we’ve baked.  As 60% of the flour is plain flour and 40% cobber bread flour I don’t think it’s supposed to raise any higher so I think we can call this a success.








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