Air-conditioning Unit


Air-conditioning Unit has been installed!





Apparently it was Mitsubish made in Japan and has lots of clever functions.


From the end of July to early August last year, we were in England for house hunting and experienced the heatwave.  We stayed at our friends’ and my brother-in-law’s and found it sometimes impossible to sleep at night.  Outside temperature went down at night but not inside, even with the windows open.  I couldn’t stop sweating and just could not lie down in bed as it was much too hot and we were determined to install an air-conditioning unit in our new house, at least in the master bedroom.


Typically, they would have only about a week of very hot days each summer in England until relatively recently and we don’t know anyone personally here who has aircon at home.  Even in high class hotels and restaurants, they didn’t have aircon around the time when we got married.  However, I guess it’s to do with global warming, they have had many hot days recently and the last two years they’ve had a month or so of continuous hot days.


Even though we don’t know anyone who has aircon personally, this aircon installation company has installed them in many houses near where we live, we are told, so I guess more and more people are installing them these days.


So far, the hottest temperature we had outside has been about 23C, but it has gone up to 27C in our bedroom.  Even though the humidity is relatively low inside (always around 50% or less so far) it still feels too warm to sleep comfortably when it’s 27C.  The last night it was 25C at one point during the night, which woke me up (even though outside temperature is only about 12C or 13C), I did use the aircon for a short time.  The room temperature went down to 21C very quickly, which made me go back to sleep quickly.


Now that we have the aircon in our bedroom I don’t need to worry about the heatwaves!  It’s possible, though, that our summer was only the hot and sunny days we had in May and that was it for this year.  Still, I’m sure it’ll be useful next year.

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