As I had only a couple of hours’ sleep for the last couple of days, I was sleeping on and off on the sofa from early evening with the TV and wasn’t too keen to get up and make dinner.  My husband said he wasn’t very bothered so we just snacked a little and didn’t have any proper dinner.  I watched TV on and off, slept on and off on the sofa, then moved to our bed to sleep and ended up sleeping probably 14 or 15 hours!  I’m feeling much better now.

今日のランチは、数日前のHello Freshのブラックビーンズとポークのペリペリトマト煮が余っていたので、少しお水を加えて卵も加えてシャクシュカ風にしました。

We had left-over Peri Peri Pork & Blackbeans from the other night, so I added some water and eggs to it and had it for lunch like Shakshuka.  Better than the other night.


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