Cute Tea Cup

先日書いた、オンラインで色々買った物の中で数少ない心ときめくものの1つが、このカップ。本来は多分、カフェオレ用だと思います、とても大きなカップなのでお茶を注ぐと両手が必要です。Anthropologie という多分元々はアメリカのお店のロンドン店のオンラインショップで購入しました。このお店にはアメリカで入ったときにとても可愛いキッチンクロスや計量カップなどを買ったことがありますが、今はオンラインで買えて便利です。


As I wrote the other day, I have but just few pieces of “exciting” things that made me feel happy and this cup is one of them.  I guess this is a cafe au lait cup rather than tea cup, it’s very large and I need to hold it with both hands when it has some tea in.  I bought this from Anthropologie, which I guess is originally from the US because I remember buying cute kitchen cloth and measuring cups that I loved there.  It’s very convenient to be able to get things online these days.

I love  very simple design, but occasionally I find something very decorative that I love and this is one of them.  I’m enjoying tea in this cup at the moment.  The white flowers are made to look like relief.









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