Tea At Friends’


A friend couple visited us yesterday for tea, and today we had a message from another friend couple saying “It’s a short notice but would you like to come over for tea if you are free this afternoon?”  So we had tea and scones in their garden.  Since the lockdown loosened from yesterday we are able to stay at someone’s house but they say it’s better to stay outdoors as much as possible.  As they live near the sea, it was quite breezy but I took a jacket with me so I was fine in the shade.  Like it often is, it’s chilly in the shade and hot in the sun.


They served homemade scones with tea – I don’t use it but of course there was clotted cream as well.  It was lovely to see them and catch up with each other.







It does feel more normal now that we are able to see our families and friends.


Having said that, it of course isn’t normal yet as the coronavirus is still a big problem.  Apparently 3 pubs have already been closed and are to do deep cleaning since last Saturday, when they opened.  When you see the photos of large crowds of people drinking in front of pubs, you cannot help worrying what the situation will be like in a few weeks.

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