Pizza Toast


The tempearture has gone down significantly comparing to a few days ago when we had 33C, and it’s now 19C, nice and cool.  It has been raining quite heavily until just now but I can see some sunshine now.


今日のランチは、ピザトーストでした。今の所一番お気に入りの配合で焼いたパンを分厚く切って、トッピングはトマトペースト、先日の Toad In The Hole に使って食べきれずサンドイッチにするつもりで忘れていたソーセージ、トマト、玉ねぎ、チーズ。美味しかったのですが、パンを分厚く切りすぎました(笑)。こうして写真で見るとそう分厚くも見えないんですよね、なぜでしょう。このお皿、一応26センチのディナープレートです、お皿が大きいからでしょうか。日本の4つ切りよりは薄いですが、計ってみたら4センチでした。

Today’s lunch was Japanese style Pizza Toast using the bread we baked with the best recipe so far.  The topping was tomato paste, sausages that were left from the Toad In The Hole the other day (we’d forgotten to make sandwiches with it), tomato, onion & cheese.  It was very good but I sliced the bread too thick, I must admit!  They don’t look that thick on the photos, I don’t know why, maybe because the plates are dinner plates.  I just measured one and it’s 4 cm thick.







Like I wrote before, my husband is usually in charge of slicing bread and he often slices too thin to my liking for this, so I sliced them when he was doing some chore, but it was sliced thicker than I intended.  Also, I forgot this time I baked with 500g of flour (and the bread we used to bake in the old machine used 250g) so the loaf is much larger and this isn’t like very light and fluffy Japanese bread (which I like sometimes but I prefer a little firmer in general) so there is more substance.  Anyway, we couldn’t finish it so we’ll have the left over at tea time today.


These came handy!  I just wish they are all in white.  I spent quite a lot of time trying to find them all in white but I didn’t find any in this version.  They are useful, though.



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