Spicy Sausage Pasta


Although we had some sun, it was mostly very cloudy or raining all day today.  When we went out for shopping it was very grey and had a little wind so I felt quite cold with a camisole and a denim shirt, I’ll need a jacket or something wooly soon.  At home, at night, I’ve needed to wear a thick wooly cardigan for the last few days, it’s 13C now and apparently it’ll go down to 9C tomorrow.  Even the bedroom is quite cool (but still 22C, so not cold), so we haven’t used the air-conditioning at night for the last couple of days and it feels a little cold in the bathroom in the morning.


今日のディナーは、ジェイミー・オリバーの「Spicy Sausage Pasta」(スパイシーなソーセージのパスタ)にしました。本当はイタリアのソーセージを使うのですが今日はイギリスのソーセージ。生ソーセージの中身を出して、ミンチのようにして使います。入っているのは、フェンネルシード、唐辛子、オレガノ、レモンの皮、白ワイン、パルメジャーノ・チーズ。今日は、可愛い小さなズッキーニが手に入ったので、ズッキーニを焼いたものも加えました。シンプルなトマトと玉ねぎのサラダを添えて。ピリ辛でフェンネルシードがアクセントになって、美味しいです。

Today’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s “Spicy Sausage Pasta“.   You are supposed to use Italian sausages but we used ordinary English sausages.  As well as sausages it has fennel seeds, dried chilli, dried organo, lemon zest, white wine, Parmesan cheese.  We bought nice small and fresh courgettes so we stir-fried them and added them to the sauce and we had the pasta with a very simple tomato & onion salad.  It’s a little spicy and the fennel seeds add a lovely flavour.







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