Cheese Fondue


It rained quite heavily though for a short time, I’m glad we went out yesterday rather than today.

ブログに書いていませんでしたが、イギリスのコロナ対策、最近また少し変わりました。地域別に感染者の数によってmedium、 high 、very highに分けられました。感染数が少なくても注意が必要ということで、medium 以下はありません。わたしたちが住んでいるところの感染者数はイギリスの中でも一番少ない地域ではありますが、状況はどんどん悪くなっているので注意が必要です。コロナによる死者数も1日200人を超えました。地域別に特に感染者が多いところについては厳しいロックダウンを言い渡されるのですが、その数もどんどん増えています。まだ、しばらくは状況が厳しいですね。

I haven’t written this but there has been a change to the way the government handles the coronavirus situation, they have now 3 alert levels – medium, high and very high – by area.  Even when there aren’t many people infected it’s still categorised as medium because, I think, the situation is that the number can have a sudden increase.  Our area is categorised as medium, although the number of people infected here is one of the lowest in England, but we do need to continue to be careful, I feel.  The number of deaths by coronavirus has now gone above 200 per day and more and more areas are on more strict lockdown.  This situation is quite depressing.


Changing the subject, it is Friday today.  Since my husband retired, every day is Sunday really, but we still feel different on weekends and we would like to cook something different on Fridays as we cannot go out now.  Today’s dinner was Cheese Fondue, which my husband loves.  Looking at my own blog, it seems like we have it once a month or so.


As we cannot find any of those Swiss made Cheese Fondue kits that you can just warm up, we now make it from scratch – with Emmental & Gruyere cheeses, white wine, cornstarch, garlic, Kirche and nutmeg.


Japanese people in general seem to use lots of different vegetables (potato, broccoli and many other vegetables) to dip in the cheese as well as bread, but we do it in a very simple Swiss way, just bread.  We do have new potatoes, carrots (I don’t think Swiss use carrots, though), salami, Parma ham, cornichon, a large salad (I often add apple but today just grapes with the usual).







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