New EVO Oil From Umbria, Italy



New olive oil arrived from Umbria in Italy today!  The oil is from our friend, who runs a B&B and cooking classes in Umbria.  We met when we travelled to Italy in 2013 and joined her cooking class, and since then we have become close friends.  She and her family visited us in Singapore, we often met in beach resorts in Thailand and met once almost every year.  Now that we live in England we were looking forward to seeing them more often, but ironically we haven’t been able to see them at all this year.

When we visited them in 2013 (blog posts I posted about the trip), we helped harvest their olives and brought some of the oil home, which was a great experience for us. Since then they haven’t been able to harvest olives because of damage caused by flies or some other reasons, until this year!  I am so happy that they were able to harvest the olives and make oil this year.  During the years when they couldn’t produce their own oil, we’ve been purchasing it from their friend, who has a much larger olive farm near them and we’ll purchase from them this year as well, so we can have both of their oils this year.  We are going to try this new oil tonight.



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