Boxing Day




The day after Christmas Day is a public holiday in the UK, and is called Boxing Day.  On Boxing Day, we always have the left-overs from the Christmas dinner, adding fresh tomatoes and Branston pickles.  We had a half bottle pink champagne with it.

The turkey breast we had yesterday wasn’t gamy at all, it was very mild, so I thought I might be able to eat the cold left-over and I did try a little but it was far too gamy for me.  It’s very unfortunate that I don’t like left-over turkey as we could have it in a pie or curry for the next few days.

Still, I enjoyed all the trimmings specially the stuffing and my husband loved everything.  He loves left-over turkey so he’ll enjoy it in sandwiches in the next couple of days.  He also loves left-over Christmas pudding with some cream over.



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