Chicken Cream Stew Pie


We cooked something we’ve never made before for dinner tonight.  It’s a pie filled with creamy chicken and vegetables.  In Japanese, the filling is called “Cream Stew” or “White Stew”, which is very popular.  Until I got married, I hardly ate dairy because I just didn’t like it and also I tend to be sensitive to dairy.  However, since marrying I have been trying more and more of dairy and can eat some now.  My husband loves dairy and I often thought he would love Japanese “Cream Stew” but haven’t actually cooked one except once in Singapore.  When I cooked it I used Japanese store-bought roux and I found I didn’t like its taste so much, so since then I hadn’t tried again.  Today, we cooked it without roux in quite a simple way.


We seared chicken thighs in butter and olive oil on both sides making sure specially the skin side is nice and brown. Then took them out and sautéed the vegetables (we used onion, carrot, celeriac, Italian pumpkin and baby leek), before adding strong flour (about 1tbsp), stirring well until no flour was left white, then added 1 cup of white one, let it boil a little and cooked it down a little, then added water enough to nearly cover everything, salt & pepper, turn the heat down when boiling and simmered it for about 30 minutes.  As I cut the carrots too large, they weren’t soft enough but everything else was done after 30 minutes, so I took the carrots out and cooked them in another pan until tender.  (Next time I should cut them smaller!)


We put everything other than the liquid in a gratin dish and let it cool until about an hour before dinner.  When the time came, we poured some cream and milk into the liquid, mixed everything well and poured it into the gratin dish.  We wetted the edges of the dish, put a sheet of store-bought puff pastry over the top, pushed it down around the edges, made a little hole in the middle, covered the pastry with egg wash and put it in the pre-heated oven at 210C (fan) and cooked it for 25 minutes, then turned the temperature down to 180C and cooked it for a further 15 minutes.


I did some search online to find out the appropriate temperature and cooking time but got many different results so we decided to cook it at high temperature until the pastry puffs up and browns then turn the heat down and cook for further 15 minutes so the filling is nice and hot.  The middle part didn’t puff up so much, but it was good enough.  We were worried if the filling was hot enough but it was – and was very tasty.  I definitely prefer “cream stew” without using store-bought roux.











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