Jerusalem Artichoke Soup & Ploughman’s


There was a big earthquake in Fukushima today, very worrying.



Today’s dinner was Soup & Ploughman’s.


The soup was Jerusalem artichoke soup.  Although I know you are supposed to use white pepper for light coloured food we only use black pepper, I don’t mind the black speckles on white food.


I’ve been seeing Jerusalem artichoke in many cookery books for many years but they were very hard to find in Hong Kong and Singapore so we haven’t used them much, maybe just a couple of times.  I saw them in the on online supermarket the other day so added them to the cart.  They didn’t have them when I checked a few times before so I guess they sometimes have them and sometimes not.  They have very earthy smell/taste so I think not everyone likes them.  Apparently they are very good for you, they reduce the blood sugar etc.  Personally, I don’t find them particularly delicious, I can take them or leave them.






We had a bottle of English sparkling wine that our friends gave us for Christmas.





Plougman’s – 3 cheeses (mature cheddar, Brie, soft goat cheese), chicken liver pate, French salami, carrot salad, Branston Pickles, celery, Parma ham, chorizo, grapes, figs, rocket leaves & truffle honey.



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