Soup & Salad & Homemade Bread


I was quite worried about possible side effects of my corona vaccine but so far luckily I haven’t had any.  There are people who’ve had some 2 weeks after vaccination so I cannot rule it out but I think that is a rare case so I will stop worrying now.


It’s gone colder again and the tempearture is around 8C during the day, but it is sunny and bright and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of birds.  However, we still haven’t seen any woodpecker since we saw one couple of times very briefly even though they visit our neighbour’s garden.  Of course we look out at the garden only now and again so there is a chance it has come but we haven’t seen one.  We recently bought a new feeder for peanuts, but it always takes time for birds to start using a new feeder.  I saw 2 blue tits eating the peanuts today for quite a long time (I mean, only about 5 minutes or less, but that is long, as they usually stay at the seed feeders only for a second or two).



Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.  We have quite a lot of vegetables we should use in the fridge so I thought a vegetables soup would be a good idea.  However, I was going to add some tin tomato and thought I’d found a tupperware of left-over but found out it was actually the Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup we made last Monday.  We had planned to have it for lunch on the following day and both of us had totally forgotten.  We couldn’t see anything wrong with it and it didn’t smell strange so we decided to have it tonight and have the vegetable soup tomorrow.







My husband and I baked Ciabatta together today, the recipe etc is in my previous post when I baked it for the first time.  They are a bit strange looking but the outside is crispy, inside is soft and chewy, really good (we think) for having with soup or something like today and also for sandwiches.





The salad was Pear, Camembert & Walnut salad.  We cut some pieces of Camembert and let them become soft in the oven.



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