Butter Chicken (Indian)


The advertisments on Instagram and Facebook sometimes irritate me but I must say I find quite a lot of them interesting and end up clicking the links.  Of course I do check the reviews but I sometimes end up ordering things from them.

そんな中の1つ、主にインド料理の材料のキット(この間のタイ料理のキットとは違ってフレッシュなお野菜やお肉などは入っていなくて、スパイスや粉や唐辛子、ニンニク、生姜などがセットになっています)を扱うお店(「The Tastesmiths」)からいくつかキットを購入してみたので、今日、バター・チキン(Makhani)のキットを使ってみました。

One of them is the kit from “The Tastesmiths”.  They aren’t like the Thai meal kits we used recently, these don’t include any fresh vegetables or meat, the kits are made of things like flour, chillis, garlics & giner.  I ordered some of them and we used one of them – Butter Chicken (Makhani).


Many western people love butter chicken, so does my husband, and we often order it at Indian restaurants.  In general, it’s not very spicy, it tends to be more sweet than spicy – but the one we cooked today was quite spicy.


The kit had fresh green chillis, garlics, ginger, cashew nuts, a sachet of whole spices (bay leaf, cassia, dried Methi), a sachet of spice mix & a sachet of garam masala.  We also needed onion, chicken (or some other meat or vegetables), passata as well as basic pantry stuff.


You can adjust the spicyness by not using all the green chillies (mild), by using them all without the seeds (medium) and using all (spicy).  It’s hard to know what is medium as it seems to vary but we decided to go for medium and used the chillis without seeds.  It was surprisingly spicy because we expected it to be mild and sweet (as butter chicken tends to be so in many restaurants), but as far as the spicyness goes it was just the right level for us and we enjoyed it.  (I cooked Basmati rice with onion and Madras curry powder.)  It tasted complex and very tasty, we will try the other kits we bought soon.







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