Thai Beef Salad


My husband left only a small amount but I left about 1/3 of the steak last night (ribeye often comes in large slices) so I made a Thai beef salad using the remaining beef.  When we have only a little steak left we would make steak sandwiches on the following day for lunch, but when we have plenty left, we often make Thai Beef Salad.  The left-over beef is very tender and has a good marinade taste, very nice as it is.


In the salad, I used tomatoes, onion, celery, cucumber, rocket, Romaine lettuce and coriander leaves.  The dressing is the same amount of lime juice and Thai fish sauce with enough sugar to make the sourness milder.  Today I also added some dry-roasted and crushed rice that came in one of the Thai meal kits last week.  It was unfortunate that we couldn’t get hold of mint to add in but it was still very enjoyable.







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