Chicken & Chorizo Paella


Today’s dinner was Chicken, Chorizo & Red Pepper Paella; I hadn’t cooked it for ages.


I used to run an entertaining class only for my close friends in Hong Kong and this one was one of the most popular dishes.  However, the chorizo we used to be able to get in Hong Kong had a major role in this dish, without it the taste is never as good, so I stopped cooking it.  I remembered that there is about a half of chorizo that we bought quite a few weeks ago still in the fridge and the chicken thigh I defrosted wasn’t quite enough for two of us if I cooked something just with the chicken.


The problem was, though, that I couldn’t remember the recipe – the ratio of rice and water.  The recipes I taught at the lessons are mostly gone, we lost them when we bought a new computer sometime ago.  It was a recipe that you cook it in the oven.  I do know that you aren’t supposed to cook Paella in the oven but it worked well and the end result was good.  However, as I say, I cannot remember the ratio of rice and water so I cooked it on the cooker instead today in a Staub braiser.  I used 2 Japanese rice cups of rice, about 100ml of white wine (but I let it evaporate) and 400ml of water with chicken stock powder.


The result was OK.  It didn’t taste as good as when we used that particular Hong Kong chorizo, but with extra smoked paprika and chicken soup stock it tasted OK.  However, the texture wasn’t quite right, it was a little sticky.  Maybe cooking it in the oven makes the texture better.



Incidentally, this braiser of Staub, we find, is very usuful, we use it very often.








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