The Long Walk & Deer Park, Windsor


After our lunch we decided to walk in a park because we thought a park would be a little cooler if we can walk under the trees.  We were a little worried if there would be parking slots available but there were plenty of slots near near Deer Park,where we parked and walked inside the park a little.  We saw many large deer eating the grass.  They seem to be used to people, they did move a little further away from the road but still stayed quite close.    (They may not be very visible in the photos unless you view them on a large PC screen.)









Here is the Long Walk.  You can see the Windsor Castle far away at the other endpoint.  We stopped here and turned back to the gate, I guess we walked about 40 minutes or so.





When the sun was hidden behind a cloud it was comfortable enough but it came out and stayed out for quite a while, when it got very very hot, even with my parasol.



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