Lunch With Friends – At The Barley Mow


We had lunch with a couple who we were very close to when we lived in Hong Kong – it’s been a very long time since we met them last.  We’ve always kept in touch and have met them quite a few times over the years in London when we visited England, but this was the first time for us to see them since we moved to England.  It’s about 3 hours’ drive from our house to theirs, too far really for a day trip. and for most of the time since the first renovation of our house was done we have been in lockdown and overnight stays have not been allowed.


Although we uesd to see them in London, we didn’t want to go to London for today’s meeting when the number of people infected with Covid is increasing so much.  We talked about where would be good and decided to get together in Windsor.  My brother-in-law and his family have lived in Windsor for many years so we’d been there many times but this was the first time for our friends to be there.

ランチの場所はウィンザーの街から少しありますが、以前義弟夫婦に連れて行ってもらったオールドウィンザーの近くにある「The Barley Mow」というパブにしました。外の方が安心なので外のテーブルを予約しました。パブのサイトの写真にありますが、外のテーブルの上にテントのような生地で屋根が作られているので直射日光は当たりませんが、それでも今日は風がほとんどなく、とても暑かったです。ただ、お部屋の中はもっと暑いので、外で良かったと思います。前回行ったのは2年前の夏で、そのときもヒートウェーブで30度を超えていて、暑くて暑くて大変だったのを覚えています。最近はクーラーが入っている飲食店も結構増えているのですが、パブにはほぼないように思います。せめて、扇風機があると良いのですが。

We chose a pub “The Barley Mow” for lunch, which is near Old Windsor because we’d been there before.  We booked an outside table because we felt it would be safer.  Fortunately, the outside tables were covered with a tent-like fabric so we didn’t get sun directly but it was still very hot.  When we were there last time it was in the summer and in the middle of a heatwave a couple of years ago and it was so uncomfortably hot inside, outside was slightly better.  I noticed that many eating places are now air-conditoned but pubs aren’t.  I wish they at least have some fans installed.





I had butterflied chicken breast with roasted petit tomatoes.


Cherry Amandine というデザートを夫とシェアー。とても美味しかったです。

My husband and I shared Cherry Amandine for dessert, which was delicious.





After a leisurely lunch, we walked in Windsor Great Park.  I’ll blog the photos from the walk later.

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