Pale Hall Hotel

2日目から3泊は、北ウェールズの「Pale Hotel」に宿泊しました。今回泊まった中では一番居心地の良いお部屋でしたが、バスルームとトイレ、シャワールームとドレッシングルームと寝室とは別のお部屋なのは結構面倒でした。

We stayed at “Pale Hall Hotel” in North Wales for 3 nights after Leamington Spa. This room was the most comfortable out of the hotels we stayed on this trip but it was a bit of a pain to have a bathroom with a toilet in another room and the shower room and a dressing room in yet another room separate from the bedroom.


The view from the bedroom was lovely and we saw a lot of rabbits coming out early in the mornings and in the evenings. I have seen hares now and again but this was the first time I saw rabbits in the wild.

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