Birthday Trip Day 7 ( Castle Combe)


On the last day of our Birthday Trip, which was today, we stopped at Castle Combe on our way home.  Castle Combe is said to be the prettiest village in England, the village probably doesn’t look very different from medieval times,  the honey coloured stone built houses have been there for 400 years.   We went there for the first time soon after we got married so probably 30-some years ago, but it wasn’t very known then, even my husband didn’t know, and we didn’t see any tourists.  However, it has since become very popular and when we visited there maybe 10 years ago or so, we saw a tourist busload of people.  As the village is so small, it gets filled with tourists during the season but there weren’t that many people there today as it’s out of season and also probably to do with Covid.  It was still as beautiful as ever.





















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