Birthday Trip Day 7 (Lunch)

ランチは、カースルクームから1時間くらいのところにある、「The Swan」というパブでいただきました。

We had lunch at a pub “The Swan” in Enford, which was about an hour from Castle Combe.


My husband had Scampi and Chips (I forgot to take a photo), I had Chilli Con Carne. Chips were very crispy, hot and delicious and the Chilli Con Carne and Guacamole were also very good.  It’s not often when you get good food in pubs, I’m sorry to say, but this was very good.  The decor was nice and service was very good, too.  I wish it was closer to where we live.








The Swan
Long Street
Pewsey, Wiltshire






After lunch, we headed home.  It took us about 2 hours.

So, I have finished blogging this trip with iphone photos each day, but I still have photos of dinners that I took with my big camera and also the scenery in Wales I took with my iphone to work on.  Once I edit them I’ll blog them.

I’d been forgetting to write about the petrol situation, but we didn’t have any problem with getting it anywhere on our trip.  In some places there was a limit of 30 pounds, but other petrol stations didn’t even have that so we were able to fill up our car basically whenever we wanted to.  Now that we are back home,  my husband tells me he filled it up again this afternoon without any problem.


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