Bibimbap (Korean Rice Dish)


Today’s dinner was a Bibimbap type of rice dish using a packed kit from Japan, with Crunchy Lettuce Salad (also using a kit).  We had quite a lot of steak left from the night before and I usually make Thai Beef Salad with it but we had Thai just the other day so decided to make something like Bibimbap.  Bibimbap is quite time consuming if you make it properly and I have done so many times in the past but this time I was going to make it like fried rice – rather than cooking each vegetable separately, I was just going to stir-fry all the vegetables together with rice and season it.  The kit is for 2 bowls of rice but we used a little more, so I added bean sprouts and kochujan & soy sauce.


The parcel my sister sent from Japan arrived this morning by chance and it had a Japanese “Bibimbap Kit” so we used that today.  Shame we had no green onion but it was still very nice.  We also made “Crunchy Lettuce Salad” using the kit that was in the parcel.  We loved the crunchy texture of noodles(?) but I thought the dressing wasn’t as nice as home made.





ちなみに、妹が何ヶ月か前にEMSで送ってくれた荷物は紛失してしまいました(号泣)、とってもショックです。いつもなら5日から2週間くらいの間には到着する荷物がなかなか到着せず、コロナや Brexit の影響で遅れがちとは聞いていたので辛抱強く2ヶ月くらい待ちましたが来ないので、妹が郵便局に調査をお願いしたところ、更に2ヶ月ほど経った先日連絡があり、ロンドンの空港に着いたところまでは追跡出来たのですがその先どこかの郵便局で受け取られた記録がないとのこと。紛失、ということになりました。思うに、ロンドンの空港で盗まれたのではないでしょうか。海外に住んだことがある方ならわかると思いますが、書類に書いている値段より実際はずっと価値があるんですよね。あれこれわたしがオーダーして妹のところに届けてもらった洋服類や日本でしか買えない食べ物や妹が時間を割いて買ってくれたたくれたお菓子などがたくさん入っていましたし、今回は(なかなか日本に帰れないので)帯も入れてもらっていたので(売る価値はないですが買えば高価)特にショックです。こういうことがあると高価なものを送ってもらうのを躊躇ってしまいますが、かといって他に方法もなく、新しい小包を7日に送ってもらったのですが、今回は5日で到着して、ほっと一息。

Talking about a parcel from Japan, the one that my sister sent to me before this latest one has gone missing.  I’m so sad about it because it had a lot of valuable things as well as all the snacks that my sister bought and things that I ordered online and had sent to her.   We waited for about 2 months before my sister requested Japan Post Office to find out where it was because I’d been reading how parcels were taking a long time because of the Covid and Brexit.  After 2 further months, my sister was informed that they think it was lost at the airport in London.  They can track it up to the airport in London but there was no record of it being received by any post office after that, so I guess someone stole it at the airport.  There were some Obis in the parcel because I thought we can use them for decoration, they would be very cheap to sell but expensive to buy new ones.  Although it makes you feel even more scared of having anything valuable sent, I don’t have any other choice so my sister sent me another parcel on the 7th and it arrived today – thankfully very quickly this time.





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