Pasta With Zucchini & Caper


There was a neigibourhood meeting at our place from 5:00pm today.  When we first came here in 2019 to pick up the keys of the house before we moved in, the same meeting was being held next door so we did join them then, but after we moved in lockdown happened soon so all the neighbourhood meetings were held on Zoom until relatively recently.  There was one real meeting at the next door (the opposite side from the 1st meeting we joined) a little while ago and we are hosting it this time.  As this was the first time to do this we were a bit worried if we could fit everyone into our living room but we managed with chairs from the kitchen and also the dining room.  A few people couldn’t come so there were 10 of us altogether.





As it was in the early evening most people had wine or beer.  The meeting finished in about an hour and a half.



After washing up and tidying up, it was about 7:00 pm when we started preparing the dinner and decided to cook an easy pasta dish that my husband used to make in Singapore, we hadn’t had it for quite a while.  I wrote about the recipe here before.  It’s quite a summery pasta dish, very light.  I love this pasta but it’s a little too light for my husband, he prefers more ‘saucy’ sauce that clings to the pasta.







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