Onion Fritatta & Salad & Cheese

今日の夕食は、たくさん卵があったので早く使ってしまわなくてはということで、以前東京でお友達にご馳走していただいた玉ねぎのフリタータとこれも早く食べなくてはいけないドーナッツ・ピーチを使ったサラダ、そして、チーズ。玉ねぎのフリタータは、軽く食べたい時や卵を消費したいときの定番になりました。前回は炒めた玉ねぎを用意していたのに入れるのを忘れてしまい残念無念だったのですが、今回はちゃんと覚えていました(当たり前 笑)。やっぱり、当然ですが、上に載せるのとは全然違います、フワッと出来上がります。

Today’s evening meal was Onion Fritatta that a friend of mine served as a part of lunch a few years ago because we had a lot of eggs in the fridge.  The salad was peach with leaves because, again, we had some donut peaches we had to eat as soon as possible.  We make this fritatta when we want to have a light meal or when we want to use up some eggs.  The last time when I made it, I sauteed onion, put it in a dish to add later but forgot to use it!  We had it with the onions on top and it basically tasted the same but the texture is totally different, of course, it is much softer and fluffier.




In the salad we also added what was left over after the BBQ we had on Sunday, only 1 stick each of asparagus wrapped with bacon and chicken with leek.




We kept 2 pieces of fritatta so we can use them for sandwiches tomorrow for lunch.




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